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n 2016 we were fortunate enough to tender and win two contracts with the United Nations (UN) via a strategic partner.

The first contract was a small one in the East of Africa supplying 2 Explosive Detection Dog Teams in the detection of Arms and Explosives detection in the horn of Africa for an initial period of 3 months. Mobilisation was not easy given the location of the client and strict criteria of the dogs for deployment due to the intense working confines the dogs would be deployed into. Due to the success of that first initial 3 months with the dogs the contract has been now extended into its third year with the help of 2 further tender wins.

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The second contract was for Mali in West Africa (‘the most deadly UN mission to date’), the Scope of Works saw us having to deploy 30 Explosive Detection Dog Teams over the period of 3 months. With limited flights available into the region and even more limited with ones that accepted AVI (Live Cargo) Dog Detectives was able to navigate ourselves through and successfully pass all 30 accreditations set out by the strict UN protocol. The successful tender bid was for 3 years and in 2019 we successfully won a second bid and an expansion of nearly 70%.

2017 saw us successfully win the bid in South Sudan (the UN’s largest-ever deployment of Explosive Detection Dog teams). With such a large amount of dogs and a short mobilisation period to complete saw a great challenge but not one that we shied away from, with a few miscalculations along the way we were able to mobilise and deploy 70 Explosive Detection Dog Teams and see this as a great success and now is a foundation of planning and procurement we utilise in all our endeavours. In 2019 the contract came to an end and we demobilised from South Sudan to a K9 training facility in Nairobi where further remedial training was completed, and some dogs retired. We then redeployed the remaining dogs in the fourth quarter of 2019 to the newly extended bid in Mali.

We are now looking forward to planning and executing our next mission with the United Nations and further expanding our web of dogs and expertise worldwide. 

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