Whilst online Seminars have been great for 2020 we also understand that most dog handlers / trainers also require the ability to sit and talk with experienced instructors and trainers to truly understand what is that is being shown to them. With this in mind we have developed a selection of courses designed for both novice and experienced handlers/trainers to further enhance their current skills.

There is no shame in wanting to learn and continue to learn, we can never stand still in the dog world.

All seminars are conducted at Dog Detectives Training Facility unless requested otherwise.

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We will use selected Guest Instructors for each seminar thereby giving attendees the ability to learn from multiple sources to build and adapt their own principles of training dogs.

  • Selection of dogs
  • Operant Conditioning is Detection Dogs
    • Use of a marker (Clicker)
    • Reward schedules
  • Scent Awareness
  • Indication training/Shaping
  • The Foundations of training a Detection Dog

To enquire about our Seminars/ webinars, please get in touch here.