Proactive Drug Detection Dog Handler Course

Course Details

Dog Detectives has specifically designed and tailored an Proactive Drug Detection Dog Handler course that whilst follows NASDU industry standards, it also adds our own expertise.

Dog Detectives has delivered this course worldwide to many of our overseas clients and now is time for us to use our knowledge and pass it on to aspiring handlers and trainers in the UK.

Topics include – 

  • Canine health and welfare
  • Prior deployment and operational awareness
  • Search patterns
  • The foundations of training a Detection Dog
  • Operant conditioning in Detection Dogs including marking behaviours using a clicker
  • Scent awareness
  • Drug paraphernalia
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For each course dates a nominated experienced Instructor will be assigned to the course, additional Guest Instructors will deliver presentations on selected topics and unlike most other companies we offer the ability for attendees to view and train with experienced instructors and trainers onsite throughout the entire course.

Whilst industry guidelines state a minimum of 100 learning hours for a Proactive Drug Detection Dog Handler Course our course exceeds this with the additional topics included. We have composed the course into 15 days including additional ‘homework’ and self-learning hours.

Dates: 11th September 2023 to 29th September 2023

Monday to Friday 8am to 4.30pm

Cost: £1,800

To request a place on this course please get in touch.