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With the increasing use of Detection Dog worldwide Dog Detectives have developed and delivered bespoke courses to clients who wish to enhance their current units’ skill set. This enables organisations to become more self-sufficient, have the ability to train dogs from ‘green’ or to establish an enhanced management system for future development.

Using the wide variety of canine consultants and our experienced Instructors we have at our disposal we are able to specifically design and deliver bespoke training courses that suits you as the end user.

These can be Instructor Courses, intended to teach the attendee how to deliver and train prospective new handlers in different disciplines, how to complete continuation training using structured training plans and course content or to further educate current instructors or trainers in the safe handling and storage of substances and how to safely deploy handlers into threat scenarios.

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Trainer Courses, these are for the experienced handlers who want to further their knowledge in how and why their dogs perform and how to modify behaviours to suit specific needs. These courses give in depth knowledge into how dogs learn and how we can encourage and reinforce these behaviours.

Kennel Master, for the overseas K9 manager who wants to become more proficient in his day to day deployment of his unit, how to conduct remedial training and to update their current skills to bring them inline with current industry standards.

2022 Dates TBC

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