With continued success in both Mali and Djibouti with the United Nations DogDetectives have just deployed another 3 dogs (Bentley, Jet and Lenny) to Mali and 1 dog to Djibouti (Murphy).

Mali being one of the most dangerous UN missions to day and a terrorist hotshot in west Africa, these dogs have to be robust enough to cope with these environments on a daily basis.

Springer and Cocker Spaniels are the dogs of choice for Djibouti due to the lifting and carrying involved in this mission. The dogs have to he hoisted and carried up ladders to be able to search where required, again robust dogs who enjoy their work are a necessity.

When selecting new dogs there is a specific criteria we adhere to and for this we have developed a rigorous selection and mental testing program to determine the character of new dogs. From then we are able to decide which training program they enter and ultimately which mission they end up part of.