April has been a busy month already, in just over a week we have handed over 15 dogs to new clients.

COVID has caused major problems for us with moving dogs worldwide but now it seems to be getting somewhat back to a state of normality, flights are returning, and restriction free movement of people has increased which in turn increases customer confidence.

We have successfully supplied 4-part trained dogs to a UK Govt agency, 8 fully trained Drug & Explosive Detection Dogs to Dubai Customs, 2 Green dogs to Dubai Police and 1 Green dog to Singapore. All in all a very busy week but something we are used to with our experience in moving dogs worldwide.

15 dogs moved out of our kennels only means new dogs coming in, over the last few weeks we have prepared and have new dogs in our kennels, and we are also purchasing new dogs currently to bring into our training programmes.

Keep your eyes peeled for pics of the new dogs as they come in.

Picture 1