In 2012 we were successful in the supply of a small number of fully trained specialist search dogs, Drugs and Explosives.

Since then we have continued in this success and year upon year supplied more dogs to this small unit, their detection rate has increased dramatically since the inclusion of our new dogs and are now averaging finds every 12 hours.

DodDetectives 1
DodDetectives 2
DodDetectives 3

Because of this success another Bahraini K9 unit has approached us and we successfully supplied them with over 20 Explosive Detection Dogs in a variety of Breeds –

  • Springer Spaniels
  • Dutch Shepherds
  • Belgian Shepherds (Malinois)

We also have supplied breeding females for them to start their own puppy program which is believed to be a success.

Drug detection dogs 1
Drug detection dogs
Military dogs
Military & Patrol Dogs
Other dogs
Other detection dogs

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