DogDetectives have been supplying Aramco (Largest Oil Company in the world) since 2001 and have shipped over 200 Explosive Detection Dogs during this period. In order to protect the reserves and maintain production of crude oil supplies to the world, Saudi Aramco Oil Company uses many technologies to protect its infrastructure and oil production plants from terrorist threats.

Our professionally trained Explosive Detection Dogs are used in a variety of capacities throughout KSA including screening of vehicles and cars entering their facilities, searching heavy good vehicles and their loads upon arrival and also during proactive and reactive threats.

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The dogs we supply are highly trained Explosive Detection Dogs and the technicians use them to prevent and detect the presence of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) from entering their facilities.

These highly trained dogs have solely been provided by Dog Detectives for the past 20 years. With such high specification requirement for the demanding terrain only a limited number of dogs have the ability to adapt and perform to the desired requirements set forth by Aramco.

Explosive Detection Dog Handler Course
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Passive Drug Detection Dog Handler Course
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Pro-Active Drug Detection Dog Handler Course

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